Our love letter to the
ocean and it's treasures...


Within the Mutiara collection we explored hand-carved textures emulating the coral and wildlife found on remote islands in Indonesia, creating unique and irregular details. Continuing this love letter to the sea and it’s treasures, Chapter Two found inspiration in the clean, linear form of seashells. 

The smooth fluid lines that undulate through this collection are both organic and alive, sweeping through each piece and reminiscent of the natural textures we find in seashells. Since antiquity, the shell was seen to symbolise femininity and often represents strength and protection.

Intrigued by this history and mythical creatures of the ocean, each piece in this collection has been named after a mermaid. Our favourites include Coralia, a dancing mermaid in a 19th century ballet routine, Delphina the Greek Goddess of Dolphins and Sirena with Spanish origins meaning ‘mermaid’. 

Flowing water; the quiet ripples between waves and the energy this builds influenced the designs and created styles that work in with the textures and detailing found in previous Zoe & Morgan collections. 

Delicate, natural freshwater pearls float over 3D printed geometric forms, creating styles that are comfortable and lightweight to wear but also graphic and striking. Gentle curves throughout the collection hint to playful elegance, each piece taking you from day to night with ease.