We love Apatite as it can stimulate creativity and aid in self-expression. Furthermore, Apatite is considered to be the stone that produces calm and healing. It is used to activate and align the heart, throat, and third eye chakras and to enhance a person’s communication skills.

During challenging times and difficult conversations, Apatite is said to protect the emotions of its wearer and to keep them from getting overwhelmed. The stone also helps in relieving anxiety.

The name Apatite comes from the Greek “to deceive”. This cheeky wee stone garnered this reputation as it can easily be mistaken for other gems such as beryl or tourmaline.

As a member of the calcium phosphate mineral family, Apatite contains the compound phosphate. Interestingly, phosphate makes up the teeth, bones and horns of vertebrate animals and because of this Apatite is referred to as ‘Bones of the Earth.’

Countries that produce Apatite are Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

One thing to note about Apatite is that it’s a delicate crystal, with a MOHS scale of 5. Please treat with care, and when cleaning it’s important to avoid using ultrasonic machines.