For Midnight In A Perfect World we returned to our roots. Our journey with jewellery began with our father Douglas. His love of gem stones and passion for their alchemy when combined with precious metal runs hot in our veins.

Midnight In A Perfect World celebrates favourite pieces, spanning the ten years since we started. We have looked through our archive and reinvented some of our favourite designs - Khephera has new wings, Nymphaea is sparkling with diamonds and there are new additions to our star and geometric collections.


Inspired by a childhood in New Zealand, Huia is based on adventures within the beautiful landscape. The joy of waking to bird song, and excitement from seeing shooting stars late at night.

Zoe and Morgan have featured many birds in their collections, but this season the focus is on feathers. Feathers symbolise freedom, playfulness, speed and light, all qualities found at the heart of the brand.


You are invited into a world of magic and daydream. Your journey will take you through an enchanted place, where imagination takes over and your spirit is set free.

Deep in the English countryside, the ancient woodland is teeming with wild creatures to guide and protect you. In their new collection, Morgan, Ruth and Zoe were inspired by the part of their childhood in the Cotswolds. Morgan combines his memories of the time with a playful imagination. It’s also about childhood as a time where the boundaries between fact and fairytale are slim at best.

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