I arrived 5 years ago in NZ with my partner Simon and on my 26th birthday, he offered me my first ring. It was a Zoe & Morgan one, I absolutely loved so much- it started of my obsession for this brand!

My Zoe & Morgan collection started to grow very quickly and 2 years after this first ring I now own 16 pieces. Simon obviously knew about my love of this jewellery and early 2017, he decided to go the step further....So he booked an appointment with the lovely Zoe and started to think about some designs.

My engagement ring is now the most beautiful peace of art I own, I am so proud of it and seriously everyone makes beautiful comments about it. The ring was beyond all expectations for me. Zoe and her colleague Lucy were so lovely (and still are), just so friendly and treating customers really specially. Closer to the wedding, I also wanted to pick new earrings for the occasion, so I chose the Skyward earrings which matched perfectly with my dress.

Our wedding day was full of happiness, love and beautiful energy. With different origins on both of our families, plus our lovely kiwi friends coming all this way to France for this day, it felt really multi-cultural and that also added a lot of magic. We had Corsican songs, Hebraic ceremony, latino music and English speaking people not understanding a word of what was said (that was funny though). I guess it was just the most amazing moment for us, because living that far, we don’t get all the people we love all in the same time and same place, and that made us full of love!


Photos by @tktphotographie