As a family we meet annually in Bali, Morgan Ruth and I all take our kids and partners and we spend two weeks together. Swimming, talking, relaxing, and connecting as a family.



This trip started in Ubud, in our friends apartments called Villa Joglo. You can stay here too! The apartments are in a cool part of town, close to Bambu Indah. This is an amazing place to stay and eat, set up by the daughter of John Hardy. We love their vegetable gardens and bamboo structures.

Close by is the luxurious Four Seasons Resort. Head there to enjoy the view over an afternoon cup of tea or cocktail! And ponder - how on earth did they make this place?!

Villa Joglo | Bambu Indah | Four Seasons

C A N G G U    &   S E M I N Y A K

This area has really grown in the last few years, but its still super fun to visit and there’s so many amazing places to eat.

Check out The Slow or Indigo when you have a rumbling tummy... Como Hotel also has amazing food and cocktails.

The sun sets at sea around 6pm in the evenings, so this is a great spot to relax, in a stylish environment. We are fans of the treatments available from Spring and Jari Menari, and we love to practise yoga at Desa Seni.

The Slow | Hotel Indigo | COMO Uma Canggu

Spring Spa Canggu | Jari Menari | Desa Seni Yoga

G I L I   I S L A N D S

We stayed at Mao Meno on Gili Meno in the artists room, and did family yoga classes. It's very nice and relaxed here, but we had friends who are keen snorkelers staying at the Robinson House- we would recommend staying here!

There are two villas and you can book both for over 10 people, or just one would easily fit 2 families of four. What's great about this location is that you can see the sun rise from the sea, and you can go snorkeling on your doorstep with turtles.

Mao Meno | Robinson House


We ended our stay with a luxury villa experience for Ruth’s birthday. It was really interesting to go to Lombok, which is much quieter than Bali, and Muslim, instead of Hindu.

We just spent our days here at Sira Beach house, eating in the different areas; poolside, around a table, in the kitchen, and arranged boats to take us on snorkeling adventures. We left with sunburnt bums and a feeling of contentment.

Sira Beach House

- Love from Zoe, Ruth, Morgan & Family xx