It was on the shores of Aitutaki, under a full moon looking for spawning crabs, that Campbell surprised me with a proposal. Being a marine biologist, this was only fitting! Campbell slipped on my dream engagement ring made by Zoe, knowing full well that I was a huge admirer of her work. All his nerves were kept at bay thanks to Zoe’s easy going personality.

Fast forward to one and a half years later, we asked Zoe to design our wedding rings that represented us and our style. Campbell opted for a unique faceted ring engraved with the lyrics of the song from when we first met. Zoe helped me customise her iconic Venus bands to match my engagement ring. It truly is a stunning set.

Zoe even took the time to meet my parents who are now Zoe and Morgan fans. They refused to allow me to wear anything but Zoe and Morgan on my wedding day! Zoe and Morgan jewels complimented the day perfectly. Campbell and I loved working with Zoe, and will always cherish these symbols of our connection and commitment.