We’re so interested in Frome, is there somewhere you love where you go to get inspired? Is there something you can share with us that really resonates with you?

Frome is great, it’s a very quaint and unique place, full of like-minded creatives. Although I have only lived here for 1.5 years I am still discovering new things all the time.

A walk up the cobbled streets of Catherine Hill browsing the creative independent shops really inspires me and The Frome Independent is a monthly market that showcases some amazing foods, crafts and local products and feels like a little slice of London.

You’ve got a stunning eye for detail and we love the compositions of your images. They really speak our language - they are simple, refined and uncluttered. Having children can be messy, creative and fun. How do you feel this has been reflected in what you do?

Having children definitely changes things, but as a family, we try to have less stuff in general, not only as it’s better for the environment but it’s better for our minds.

I find a clean, tidy space enables us to have a clear, calm head - something that we all need with two young kids running around.

I like to use our home and the images I create as a place to play with these simple, calming compositions.

With balancing work and family, do you have any rituals that allow you to take time for yourself?

Right now I feel I am really embracing these busy, hectic, short-lived years of early motherhood, I can’t say I have much time to myself but I know that one day I will! For now, a long soak in the bath and an early night helps reset my mind and give me a little space.

What are your favourite weekend activities to do with your children?

We really love to get out and go for a good coffee and a long walk in the fresh air, we often find ourselves at The Newt in Somerset which always has great activities for kids.

What made you take the leap from London to Frome? What do you miss most about your London life?

We had wanted to leave London since having our first daughter in 2017 but just didn’t know where, we spent a few years looking at nearby towns that would allow my husband and I to commute to London as we were both working in offices full time.

However, as the pandemic hit we were both able to work from home and therefore were no longer limited to living in a commuter town. We spent a year in Bath as my sister had recently left London to move there and when we began searching for a house to buy we came across Frome.

It was very much a decision based on the house and how it made us feel, you just know when somewhere feels right. And as it turns out lots of Londoners with young families were making the same move.

“The design of this collection focuses on a mix of clean cut geometric textures, graphic lines and symbolic looking shapes, that can be large in size yet remain light and easy to wear.”