Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I am Kobi Bracken, and I am in the health and fitness industry. I train women to feel their best! Helping to create strong minds and calmer bodies over on the TBK (Training by Kobi) social pages and platform.

We love following you and your fitness page - do you have some tips to help our community stay fit through winter?

Switch things up this winter and plan ahead. As the mornings start to get a little colder, organise your workout outfit the night before so it's ready to put straight on as soon as your morning wake-up alarm goes off. Limiting those ‘I'll just stay in my cosy bed morning thoughts’.

I recommend booking your daily movement into your calendar at the beginning of each week. Your daily movement is just as, if not more important than booking in your work meetings for the week. Happy body, peaceful mind!

"I owe the ability to move my body so much, I am forever grateful".

What brings the feeling of freedom into your life, and how does that feel for you?

Three things come up for me. 1. Travel, seeing somewhere new. Letting myself get lost in a new country and culture. 2. Being close to the ocean or in amongst the trees. Whether that is out on a hike or at my family home up in the far North.  3. Having my independence, creating a life that I love living every single day and being surrounded by other people's positivity, consistency and growth.

When do you feel most full of love and expansion?

Being in nature, around those I love or that post-workout feel when my heart is full, my body is thankful and my mind is clear. I owe the ability to move my body so much, I am forever grateful.


Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery? What does it mean to you?

Hmm, one favourite not so much as I am always adding to my jewellery collection. I do have a simple gold bangle that I always wear. My jewellery collection is one I hold dear to my heart though as I have a few pieces that I have collected over the years.

When do you feel most alive in terms of your creative process?

I feel most alive when I am oceanside! I have such a busy mind that the sound of the waves makes it easier for me to stay on track and prioritise tasks. There is something truly special about being by the sea.