Kayla: Shaun and I met through our professions and immediately felt a bond. Although we both denied it at first and said we were just friends, our closest friends could tell that was never the case. The more we saw of one another the more it became clear that what we felt toward one another was very special and unique.


Shaun’s proposal was unexpected and perfect. He surprised me with a trip to one of our favourite places in NZ, Mangawhai, where he got down on one knee with a little help from me as he was in a moon boot and on crutches. Shaun knew that Zoe and Morgan was my favourite jeweller so when he whipped out the dark blue box with the signature gold script, I knew he could have done no wrong before he even opened it. The ring was exactly how I pictured and more.


Shaun: Lads -  my experience in creating the perfect ring for Kayla was enjoyable and easy with the help of Zoe and the team. My biggest fear was coming up with something that Kayla didn’t like, but with their help I quickly realised that wouldn’t be the case. They’re an awesome bunch and gave me all the confidence heading into what was at that time the biggest moment of my life, for that I’m truly thankful! Once I got the yes from K it was time to do our wedding bands, this process was even easier and enjoyable as we got to create them together.