We met about six years ago through sport and we ended up striking up a friendship. We kept in touch, but it wasn't until I moved to Auckland to take up a job that we fell in love and the rest is history.

Maddy's mum, Val, is a huge fan of Zoe & Morgan and that's how we became familiar with Zoe's jewellery. One of my first presents from Maddy was a ring from Zoe & Morgan which I rarely take off. Zoe & Morgan is always our go to for gifts and we have built up a nice collection of pieces between ourselves, the family and friends. We wore Zoe & Morgan earrings on the day which completed our look, and we also gifted earrings to our bridesmaids.

I knew that when I wanted to propose to Maddy the only place I wanted to go was Zoe & Morgan. I wanted something different and unique, not a ring that anyone could buy. I was eyeing up a few rings online but it wasn't until I went into the store and met Zoe in person; I was so taken back by her and her design process that my whole idea on 'the ring' changed. She asked me about Maddy and her personality and after 15 minutes, Zoe had designed a bespoke ring that captured Maddy perfectly. I remember being in tears and so excited, it was made even more perfect knowing that Zoe was involved.

Our rings are so perfect because they capture our personalities so well - it has always felt so special knowing that Zoe has been involved the whole way through. Our rings are so unique to us, we are proud of them and always get a lot of comments about them.

-Liz & Maddy