After coming across the engagement ring of my dreams I realised I would need to get wedding bands custom made when the time came. It wasn't until we started planning the wedding that I began to think about this process, and it was by chance that I came across an article on Zoe & Morgan in one of the bridal magazines I picked up that I realised they did wedding bands and a custom design was possible. I had had a crush on Z&M jewelry for a little while and immediately got excited about the possibility of having a bespoke Z&M wedding band. After sending a quick email with a picture of my engagement ring a meeting was set for the following week with Zoe. She took the time to get to know us as a couple and a family, and immediately had some amazing ideas for what to do. At that point our set wedding date was 12 months away so once the design was set we decided to wait to get them made, however over Christmas we decided to change our plans to elope with just our immediate family present and skip the huge craziness of a big wedding in favor of something intimate. Thankfully Zoe was 100% on board with our idea and got our rings made with a week or two to spare before our little 'big' day. Working with Zoe was an absolute dream and she played an important part in us having our perfect wedding. I now have a wedding set that I will love for the rest of my life. And my husband has a ring that he now won't take off after never having worn jewelry before! Chanelle