Meet the face of our newest collection, Melodi. Along with Morgan and our dear friend Philly, the three embarked on a journey to Morocco to shoot our campaign for the Sirocco Collection. They spent a week travelling around this wonderful country, discovering new and exciting places which all became part of the story. Music, laughter and a keen sense of adventure as Melodi tells us, made this trip truly unforgettable. We spoke to her about growing up in London, her love for travel and what keeps her happy and grounded in her life…

What were some of your highlights from your trip to Morocco to shoot the Sirocco Collection?

I had such a beautiful time over there with Morgan and Philly. They’re both magic. One of my favourite moments was in the car going through the atlas mountains. Morgan put a song called Uiaju on, that I totally fell in love with, it was so perfect for that moment I won’t ever forget it. The views, the smells, the song just enhanced it all and made me feel so free. I’ve played it to so many people afterwards and explained that moment actually, you had to be there. That stood out for me but the whole trip was unforgettable, Morgan tells some great stories.

The landscapes you saw in Morocco looked amazing, how did you find your experience of the people, culture & scenery in this beautiful country?

The landscapes are something else. I love that all the buildings are the same shades as the earth so it all blends together beautifully. Driving through the mountains was unreal and then all the tiling and patterns around Marrakesh, it’s just stunning. I fell in love. We met some cool people too, very generous and kind and proud to show us their culture and have us experience it properly. It was refreshing to come away with an experience that didn’t feel touristic. Oh and the food! AMAZING. I had a silly amount of tagines… I can’t wait to go back.

Being back in London now, what do you enjoy about living in such a vibrant and busy city?

There’s so much that I love about London. I always miss it when I travel for long periods of time. I really haven’t been to another city like it (yet). I’m grateful to have grown up here. It’s diversity is like no where else and most people are so open minded and ambitious it’s an inspiring place be.

We love the idea of balancing a healthy and happy life- and how this can be different for every person. How do you feel about balance in your life with work commitments, freedom and happiness?

As a Libra I’m all about balance. Constantly striving for it to be honest and lately have learnt to maintain it more. For me now it comes down to prioritising, making sure I get enough work whilst making time for my hobbies and rest. I’m very lucky with modelling as I really enjoy it so it doesn’t feel like work and it allows me time to commit to all the things that make me happy and that I hope to turn into a job one day too. I’m really into holistic health and wellbeing, I practice a lot of yoga and am in the gym a lot which I find helps me maintain a healthy headspace for anything that comes.

You travel all over the world with your work, what are some the joys you have had when travelling to these places?

Travelling has always been one of my favourite things so being able to do it with work really is a blessing, especially when you get a really lovely team! Morocco definitely holds some special memories for me, another one is a trip I took to Malaga. We stayed in the most beautiful place overlooking the sea, a house full of some seriously cool women. I got lucky with that one. We shot on the cliff tops on one day, which were pretty high up and the wind was bloody strong! Everyone was so on hand making sure I didn’t fall and I’m sure we were pretending to be Poseidon or something in between shots. Lots of belly laughs!

We’ve noticed you have a passion for music and other creative projects! What things do you love to do + that keep you feeling creative or inspired?

Yeah, I think music has always been my number one love in life. I got really lucky with my Dad, he’s a DJ and used to own a record shop in Soho so the education started young. I’ve got a pretty eclectic taste now and searching for new music takes up a lot of my time! I really enjoy fine art, pencil drawings of random ideas in my imagination and portraits too. I’ve also been writing lots of poetry lately and really loving its flow. I am glad I’ve picked it up as it really does open something in your spirit; creativity in general I mean, like that’s what life’s about.

Family is one of our core values here at Z&M, what is it about your family you love + what do you typically do when you’re all together?

I love that family is a core value at Z&M, we definitely have that in common. I love how mental mine are and seriously cool. We’re a pretty big family and everyone’s so different but also so alike in a lot of ways it’s like we all fit a piece of the puzzle, you know? It’s a bit of a mad house when we all get together, but seriously good fun and we mainly just eat! Nothing like a Marsh spread I’m telling you.

What pieces of Zoe and Morgan do you treasure?

I REALLY treasure my Protect Me Hoops. Honestly they’re the most precious things I own, they’re my staple earring and I get compliments on them everywhere I go. And after shooting the Sirocco collection have lots of favourites from there too. It was hard to say goodbye to them. But I’d have to say the Melody Earrings for obvious reasons. Ah and the Eagle Necklace, such a statement!