Profession - apart from being a mother, which we know is a full time job, what did you do before you had children.. and do you feel like your work life has influenced your life as a mother.

My past life before motherhood looked very different to now! My career journey began as a graduate selling ad space in magazines over the phone (which was tricky!), before I moved on to Marketing spanning various sectors - from finance to luxury fashion then skincare.

My last job was at a design and branding agency acting as the go to between clients and the designers. All of my work experiences were character building and involved high energy, adaptability and creative thinking which has definitely played a part in life as a mother!

Has becoming a mother changed you ? I felt like it brought me back to who I am at my core. Which was wonderful and really hard at the same time. It cut though all the layers, reminding me of what’s important.
How have you found you’ve changed within you self?

Motherhood has taught me to enjoy the simplest of things and celebrate the small wins; whether it’s while hanging out with the kids engulfed in some sort of hurricane of chaos, (hopefully without too much destruction left behind) or during my deeply relished peaceful time where I can create some space between my ears.

Becoming a mother has been a real gift in teaching me how to be more present and naturally practice mindfulness. From enjoying that very first sip of my morning coffee (a much needed daily ritual!), to the feeling of freedom while riding a bike weaving through London traffic with the wind blowing in your hair. It’s all about carving out those moments to be in tune with the senses. I feel like kids are sensorial masters who live in the moment. Without realising it, they can be our wisest teachers at times.

When with the kids, moments of appreciation or ‘small wins’ could be feeling the warmth of sunshine on my face during a walk in nature while they play in fresh air, or slurping a big warming bowl of chilli ramen together which we call ‘a hug in a bowl’ on those harder days. The spicier the better for me.

I have felt a real draw to re-wild, both within myself and the world. I feel like it's essential to pass this on to my daughter somehow. I've not figured out yet how to though, within the constraints of a city. What's your view on re-wilding?

Re-wilding is something that deeply resonates with me. At any given opportunity, I’m passionate about getting the kids outdoors into nature, come rain, hail or shine (maybe not hail so much…) It keeps us all grounded and allows for a strong connection and love for the natural world, which hopefully is our way of ‘re-wilding’.

From a broader perspective, I think it’s about getting back to the ‘core’, stripping things right back, and allowing the spirit and senses to come alive. Let kids be kids basically and allow for that beautiful curiosity to shine through. 

Nature is so powerful because it helps us all to practice simplicity and it’s that rawness that encourages true connection, appreciation and nourishment. 

I love watching the kids play freely with no constraints. Barefoot, muddy, semi-clothed, imagination running wild, climbing trees - the full works. The idea that all kids should look and be immaculate at all times goes against my kids’ inner spirit and natural instincts of being mini explorers. 

There is nothing better than watching their faces light up from discovery - and there are endless discoveries in nature. 

There is also joy in the discovery within travel, which can add to the idea of ‘re-wilding’ as a family. We’re usually quite a nomadic tribe and find intense joy in experiencing exotic cultures from the food, smells, sights, to the most heartwarming people. We love an assault on the senses and places which forever touch your heart. Asia will always have a big piece of my heart as people can live so simply there yet be so joyful.

“It’s allowed me to see that life is about enjoying moments and experiences, no matter how big or small.”

Name: Miche 
Age: 37
Children's names and ages: Marlon 5, and Miro 2 and a half

Raising a child in London can be both incredible and challenging. How do you find having a family here, and what do you do to flourish?

I wouldn’t say it’s easy raising a child in London, but I think experiences are what you make of them so I try to embrace the ride, stay curious and remind myself to continuously celebrate the imperfections in life. At the end of the day it’s all mindset, so if I alter my perspective to see it as ‘perfectly imperfect’, then we’re all set to roll with the punches.

I definitely have an adventurous streak which I try to instil in the kids no matter where we are, so we do things which ignite and sustain that wide-eyed curiosity and enthusiasm. In London, we just get stuck in and make the most of our urban adventures.
London plays host to countless wonderful parks and tranquil green spaces on top of a myriad of museums and art galleries. We have fun mixing it up.

From nature adventuring, to cultural immersion, or even smaller adventures like hitting up food or farmers markets (we are big food lovers!) or meandering around Portobello markets, checking out vintage gems, listening to all the buskers and visiting our favourite spice shop which is an absolute treasure trove of goodness. Variety is the spice of life!

I think it’s also important to not take things too seriously. One of my ‘small wins’ with the kids is when we make it out of an art exhibition or restaurant unscathed without too many tantrums and mishaps involved, with the bonus of being allowed back in in future! I might come out slightly sweaty but it’s good to expose them. We live to tell the tale…Start them young they say!

How do you find your peace, living in a city, looking after a family, generally being so busy.. do you find peace at all? If yes, how do you find that for yourself?

I feel most at peace by water. Just looking at it invites calmness. Since having kids, I feel the cathartic energy of water even more so.

I love getting creative in finding ways and the time to submerge myself in water around London and outside of the city.
If I can’t get to the beach, the beach can come to me!

I also love immersing myself in nature and losing myself completely in an art exhibition as my tonic for peace.

List your top 3 favourite weekend activities that you enjoy doing with your children.

Hiking - the wilder and less manicured the setting the better.
Enjoying sunset hour wherever we may be and admiring all the vibrant colours in the sky.
Enjoying a meal out together as a family with a wine or negroni in hand for me and my husband! In the spirit of things, my kids have also coined their own drink name ‘Baby-groni ‘ for their non-alcoholic version.

In three words, can you sum-up with it means to you to be a mother. Not on a practical level, but an emotional/ spiritual one.