Our designer Morgan began with pencil and paper deep in the Peruvian Amazon, from a tiny Tambo (an open jungle hut) surrounded by butterflies and hummingbirds. The canopy was far above and there were huge trees surrounding. This collection was inspired by the soul-stirring beauty of Peru and the timeless traditions of its indigenous communities.

“With no electricity, internet, or devices I had just a pad of paper and a pencil. This entire collection was conceived in this magical lush environment. Fresh from 2 weeks riding a motorbike through the sacred valley and time spent with various textile weavers and collectors, my heart was full of geometry.”

We have introduced a new texture in this collection, masses of tiny pyramids that shimmer and twinkle as they catch the light. The angular lines create new forms that have subtle hints of influences as diverse as space invaders and woven textiles.

“One realisation from 6 weeks in Peru studying with indigenous wisdom keepers was that when we remove the artifice of modern life we are as wild and free as the jungle animals. We may pile on clothes and make up but underneath it we all have skin, muscles, bones and hearts that beat with the same passions and drives as the nature that surrounds us.” 

The collection takes its name from various aspects of Andean culture and geography. Pieces like the Niña Stud and Necklace embody the youthful femininity and natural beauty whispered by the Spanish word "Niña," while the Pisac Earrings and Necklace pay homage to the beautiful town of Pisac, renowned for its Incan ruins and Andean craftsmanship. Symbolism is woven intricately into each piece, reflecting the connections between humanity and nature. 

“Living in the city with our heads focused on screens, it's easy to forget how wild and free we are by nature. That's why we chose to shoot this collection with a focus on skin and the jewellery, in an environment that's empty white space. At the end of the day when we remove all the layers of distraction, we have a chance to see ourselves as we actually are – living, breathing, wild, free, and powerful beautiful magical creatures who simply forgot that we are as wild and free as a jaguar or eagle.” 

May the essence of Niña Florestra travel with you and tell a story of love, connection, and reverence for the natural world.