For most guys, myself included, that moment when you first start contemplating proposing and buying an engagement ring, it’s a daunting experience.Fortunately for me, I knew Rach loved Zoe & Morgan collections so I thought that would be a good starting point. All the apprehension & nerves disappeared from the moment I met Zoe and her team. They were simply awesome and knew exactly how to help me through the process.

Rather than go straight to the size of diamond etc, Zoe really wanted to know more about Rach. She really made the effort to get to know her without having the opportunity to meet her. The result was stunning. The ring was perfect. A combination of simple elegance but in a modern and unique setting.

Beyond me just being client, Zoe and her team are so genuine in their interest in wanting to know about our story, they became an amazing part of this journey. We can’t thank them enough.