Roshni: Zoe is such a good listener, which is so important at the start. 
She took our ideas and really made great suggestions on how to develop them. Zoe made sure we were totally happy with the design before it went into production.

Her attention to detail is amazing.

She must also have great contacts because the stones she sourced were such high quality, exactly what we wanted.

Zoe was always happy to help, not just to get it done but to get it perfect.

Such a fun process from start to finish. We are so chuffed with our forever rings. 

Zoe: Roshni and Simon both have a great sense of style. 

They know what they like and articulate their ideas with ease. 

I'm always curious to know how couples met and whilst sitting on our sofas at City Works Depot with Roshni, she said on their first dinner date she pulled her chair in closer to Simon, as she wanted to be close to him, and that's how they've been ever since. 

“The design of this collection focuses on a mix of clean cut geometric textures, graphic lines and symbolic looking shapes, that can be large in size yet remain light and easy to wear.”