Jono and I met at work (both working for the same advertising agency), and while we resisted our attraction to each other for a while, claiming we were “just friends”, it didn’t take long for us to come to our senses! Being the gentleman he is, Jono asked me on a date and after making him sweat for a few days I finally agreed - at our first date I knew this was the real deal and more than just a work fling!

Jono is very considered in everything he does – from the first date, to the proposal everything is always well thought through and planned out. He also has well curated taste so I knew when it came to an engagement ring it would be no different.

His proposal was absolutely magical but the ring took my breath away – I loved it and it was 100% 'me'! In designing the wedding bands, we took the engagement ring to a whole new level with two beautiful bands, which now as a trio has a unique but elegant look. Each band has 9 diamonds, 18 in total, and while it was never designed this way, by complete fluke we also got married on the 18th May. I love the serendipitous nature of that.

On the big day I also wore the Shanti earrings which Jono had given me for my birthday earlier in the year. I absolutely loved the meaning behind the earring – with a rose quartz stone representing the heart chakra, opening up the heart to unconditional love, I couldn’t think of a better pair of earrings to wear on such a day. Acting as my something old, but also working perfectly with my flowers, they looked great!

We can’t thank Zoe and her team enough for creating such stunning rings – I still get so many comments on how beautiful my ring is, and still get warm fuzzies every time I put it on which is testament to Zoe and the team. Total creatives and masters of their craft, they were patient and kind in every dealing with us making the whole process so easy.


Photography: Bayly Moore