Our aspiration with this collection is that the love and appreciation for beauty that our Mum held dear will continue to thrive. Whether you are wearing a piece of jewellery yourself or are gifting it to another, you'll be carrying forward the love and warmth that went into the creation of each design.

The word "Siempre," meaning "always" in Spanish, held a special place in Mum's heart. To her, it symbolised the profound aroha (love) she felt for life, her many friends, and her cherished family. Mum used to remind us, "Remember how much you are loved… siempre.”

As the Dalai Lama once said, "Practice every possible tenderness," a quote that deeply resonated with Mum during her visit to Mcleod Ganj, Dharmashala, India, to attend his teachings. She made it her life's mission to live by this ethos.

N.B. nota bene
N.B. = notice beauty
~ Anna Sibbald

The love and tenderness that she expressed throughout her life were reciprocated in countless ways, especially in her passing. As her children, we feel profoundly privileged to have witnessed and felt the profound essence of this sentiment.

Siempre Aroha is adorned with hearts, intricate detailing, and glistening stones. Each piece in this collection has been thoughtfully designed to bring beauty and embrace the wholeness of life, whether it's the everyday routines or joyous celebrations, moments of serenity, or heartfelt connections. This collection represents the depth of our admiration for our Mum.

We all show and express our love in different ways - this collection explores this notion of being able to be brave, to be shining, and to be kind.

Siempre Aroha is not just a collection of jewellery, it's a tribute to a life lived with love, beauty, and tenderness — a legacy that will always be remembered and cherished.