We are not big on Valentine’s Day, but we are big on love. For us, love is made up of connection and freedom. Everyone nurtures these values differently in their lives, so we chatted with Sveta and Johnny to hear how these aspects are unique and special to them. Here’s how they do things differently…

How did you and your partner meet?

The first time we met, we actually bumped into each other in a supermarket. There was an energy that we both could feel already. It was a week later we coincidentally met at a gathering with friends on Valentine’s Day and then it all started

How long have you been together for?

It’s our one-year anniversary on Valentine’s Day

We think freedom is incredibly important in life and especially in relationships also. How do you both nurture freedom and stay connected as a couple?

We love to spend time together and we do a lot, but we are both Aquarius and so freedom for us has a meaning. It is normal for us to spend our time separately, alone or with friends. It allows us to always bring something new our relationship, thereby we nurture the freedom. We respect our personal space.

What is your favourite memory of being together?

I think the most special for me was the moment when we had a picnic on the beach, and we got each other little bracelets with a crystal on it. We did a little ceremony of exchanging. It was a moment of total harmony peace and love

For some people it’s going for dinner, exploring the outdoors or a day spent at home. What does ‘fun’ look like for you two?

We love to do many different things. We can have fun watching movies and shows at home, making food, listening music whilst dancing and being silly. Maybe for a little outdoor adventure, as we live in Bali we have so many places to explore

Everyone thinks of romance in different ways. So, what does romance mean to you both?

For me romance is when you can give a moment to love. To live it in, so it blooms.