Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I am a film director who makes commercials, short films and documentaries. My most recent feature documentary, STYLEBENDER, is an intimate look at Israel Adesanya, the Nigerian-born, New Zealand-based MMA fighter, which goes beyond the octagon and delves deep into an unlikely fighter's journey.

Exploring Israel’s experiences of masculinity, bullying, mental health and the healing power of dance.  

STYLEBENDER had just had its world premiere at Tribeca film festival, in New York and will be hitting cinemas across New Zealand and Australia, this September the 28th.

What inspired you to get into directing and film making?

I have always loved storytelling. It wasn't until I went to arts school and started making short films, that I knew I wanted to be a director. For me filmmaking is an incredible passport into unfamiliar worlds.

I thrive when I get out of my comfort zone and personally get such a high from engaging with the people I make films about. It's a privilege and an honour to do the work I do.

"I have always loved storytelling.

For me filmmaking is an incredible passport into unfamiliar worlds."

When do you feel most alive in terms of your creative process?

The research phase of a project is when I feel most alive and free. It's when I feel like a total fish out of water and I am observing everything with hyper awareness and creativity.

Gleaning imagery, listening deeply and dreaming up ideas of what the film could become.

This research phase informs everything going forward and it's just a very exciting time imaginatively. 

What brings the feeling of freedom into your life, and how does that feel for you?

Kitesurfing out at Muriwai beach in a howling Westerly. I feel completely free and at the edge of my comfort. 

It's the ultimate in extreme exhilaration and presence. You can't think about anything other than that exact moment and staying alive haha. 

When do you feel most full of love and expansion?

When I am dancing like a goose in my living room with my partner and step kids.

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery? What does it mean to you?

My favorite pieces are my Chimi Earrings and Prana Necklace. Wearing them instantly transports me to an all time life highlight for me, the premiere of my feature film STYLEBENDER.