Kalani Hoop Earrings / 18k Yellow Gold / Aquamarine

Kalani Hoop Earrings

18k Yellow Gold / Aquamarine

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Metal: Consciously hand crafted in high quality 50% recycled 18k Yellow Gold.
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Crystal cut Aquamarine and 6 White Diamonds.

Measurements: Length: 0.9cm, Width: 0.9cm (at widest point).

Size of Hoop: 1.2cm

These bespoke hand cut stones make each pair of earrings truly unique, with their own subtle shade of colour and naturally occurring inclusions.


The Kalani Hoop Earrings feature crystal cut stones set in an 18k gold frame to perfectly compliment the charm of its geometrical shape.

Diamonds adorn either side to create a beaded detailing effect, that sit next to the crystal cut Aquamarine just as the stars in the midnight sky surround the mountain peaks.

This collection draws from the infinite power of mountains, that have existed since the beginning of time and undoubtedly will last forever.

This inspired our own unique cut named 'Crystal'. This cut symbolises symmetrical peaks of the Himalayan mountains that, like the stones we use, have formed freely over thousands of years.

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Kalani Hoop Earrings / 18k Yellow Gold / Aquamarine

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