Our Processes
Our Processes

Our materials make our business, and the production of our materials can make a huge impact on our environment. Knowing where our materials came from, how they were made and who is providing them to us is important, so we can try to reduce any impact where possible.

We want the journey of the materials we use to align with our ethics and values, and only work with suppliers who commit to transparency and ethical responsibility.

  • Recycling

    We try to recycle all plastic and paper in-store, and reuse wherever we can.

    Douglas, our dad, was a jewellery maker and throughout his career he had an awareness of sustainable practices. He adapted and repurposed customer’s old pieces into new ones, as well as repairing existing pieces.

    We maintain this Bespoke Service, enabling our customers to be reminded of their heritage by recycling pieces they might have inherited or owned for a long time but no longer wear. The metal can be melted and a new piece designed using the existing gems.

    Learn more about our Bespoke Service here.

  • Our Packaging and Delivery
    Our Packaging and Delivery

    This year we’ve had a big focus on our packaging, specifically looking at the development of our jewellery boxes with design, luxury and the environment in mind. The boxes and bags we are launching in December 2019 are made from recycled materials.

    For our look books and post-cards, we use Tinteretto Gesso, which is an fsc-mixed certified stock, meaning it’s a mix of recycled and sustainably sourced paper fibres, and is also chlorine free. We also print using vegetable ink.

    The tissue paper we use to wrap gifts and line our gift bags is an eco, natural non-dyed paper. We secure our gifts without the use of cellotape, instead using a cotton ribbon. The eco bags we ship our jewellery in are compostable, made from plants.