Owl Bracelet

925 Sterling Silver Plated Bronze/ 22k Gold Plated Bronze.

Measurements: Diameter of Bracelet: 6.5cm Width of Bracelet: 5cm (at widest point)

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The owl is an ancient animal of grace and mystery, and a powerful symbol of wisdom. Let its wings encircle you. This owl has very detailed carving on all sided and wraps around your wrist.

22k Gold plated bronze Width: 7.5 cm Length: 4.5 cm

Hints & tips

Product care

Zoe and Morgan jewellery is handmade with care and we know you’re going to want to keep it looking great. So here are some tips to help you do just that.

Using your handbag as storage?

Storing your jewellery properly is important too. To avoid damage, store your jewellery separate from each other to minimise scratching and tangling. All of our Zoe and Morgan pieces come in their own beautiful packaging so you can keep them safe in that.

Going swimming?

Don’t take your jewellery with you. Chemicals in swimming pools and thermal hot pools will accelerate tarnishing and leave your jewels looking dull.


Owl Bracelet

I was daydreaming and came across this from our friends at Zoe and Morgan .

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