Our wedding day!! We decided to make our own history and have things a little different. This day was after all - a celebration for us. We chose to have our ceremony at my family home nestled in the heart of the Bay of Islands. This meant that numbers needed to be low due to logistics and location, so we literally counted our guests on our hands. Within 6 months of our engagement, we were husband and wife!! January 4th 2018 was the darkest day of the big storm which swept through Northland following New Years. The rain was unforgiving and the wind, the wind was howling. Cars were stuck, flights were missed, people were stranded, the groom was doing ferry trips from the marina to the house in the hours up to the wedding, northbound traffic was horrendous, my father was in hospital, and our beautiful friends were working frantically behind the scenes to make sure everything was perfect as they brought my vision to life. The bridesmaids and I, three of my closest friends from high school, were getting ready in Kerikeri town. Hair and makeup was done by local talents Meg Bell and Sammie Buhl. There was champagne, laughter and a few tears of happiness shared!! Due to poor road conditions from the heavy rainfall, a family friend was to drive the bridesmaids out to the house in one carload and my father and I would arrive in the next carload 2 hours later. The girls landed in on the boys 'chill time' who were still in board shorts after a non-stop morning. They were all huddled in one room so the girls would still be a surprise to the other guests. Candles were lit, shirts were ironed and the groom, who just needed a nap, was thrown in the shower!! When I stepped out the door of my parent's room arm in arm with the man who brought me into this world - nothing else mattered. The whole world stopped. The home - which was built with my father's hands from wood from the property - became silent. Breaths stopped, eye welled and hearts leapt as I took my first steps down the aisle towards my love. My eyes followed the (surprise) rose petal aisle to Jason's and didn’t leave. My father, being the character he is, had spoken to Jason months before the wedding and they joked about having a $10 note as the dowry. They both remembered the agreement, with no further discussion - to my horror and the guest's amusement - I was sold for $10!! That was the moment I was married!! Our friend and talented celebrant Chloe Boerema proceed to present the most beautiful ceremony I have ever witnessed. Celebration, champagne and love followed. Dinner was lamb on the spit and a selection of salads. The cake was homemade and our first dance to Ed Sheehan’s ‘perfect’ was choreographed by friend Krystal Stuart and was done barefoot!! Everyone stayed, they had no other choice!! The rain, the journey, the adventure made the day intimate, memorable and extremely unique for ea