For our 30th collection we visited Morocco, a place we love which boasts the feeling of freedom...

This collection is named after Sirocco, which comes from the warm, dry wind that travels up from Africa and through the Sahara desert.

The design of this collection focuses on a mix of clean cut geometric textures, graphic lines and symbolic looking shapes, that can be large in size yet remain light and easy to wear.


This collection explores the idea of a surreal world with such freedom that regular rules don’t apply. When creating our 29th collection, we became inspired by the Japanese Edo period, which evoked a culture of hedonistic night-life and art.

We imagined this to be a universe of wit, stylishness, extravagance, and naughtiness; with a touch of transgression.


Wheels of Light collection is named after the ancient Sanskrit word ‘Chakra’, which describes the wheels of energy that move within us, it is essentially our life force that ignites us all. From Crown to Base, we have made necklaces and rings to align with these 7 energies.

We also drew upon our own love of symbols and traditional jewellery making techniques to create new hand-carved snake pieces. As symbols of protection, these detailed pieces capture serpentine movement to curve beautifully around the wearer. 


This Collection is inspired from our time spent in Flores travelling through the islands by boat, witnessing the sun as it rises and sets.

We reimagined the concentric arcs of sunlight into cut-out detailing with soft round lines and polished finishes. These shapes translate into five styles that allows for earrings, necklaces and rings to be paired in matching sets.


You are the Sky Collection is an homage to Mountain ranges in Nepal, home to many of the world’s highest peaks. Mountains have always been a place where people have gone to meditate and connect with the divine.

Nepal has such a rich culture and abundant in natural beauty, towering majestic peaks shimmer in the sunlight and are framed with deepest blue sky.


Palace of the Sun Collection is dedicated it to the beauty of the sun. Our lives are defined by the sun, it brings life to our world and gives us our concept of time.

All life takes its spark from the sun, its rays symbolise light and life and all that’s good in this world. Inspired by the motto... turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.


Palace of the Moon Collection draws inspiration from the majesty of India. Our introduction to India was as young children, when we travelled with our parents who sought after precious gemstones for the jewellery that our father designed and the textiles that our mother loved.

We experienced the myriad of colours within India as we explored the hidden valleys of Kashmir and the vibrant antique markets of Delhi. This collection draws on our personal experiences as we transformed our memories of traditional Indian jewellery into unique and different pieces.


Castles Made of Sand Collection is dedicated to our love of adventure and our appreciation of architecture and culture found in Morroco, with the designs inspired from our surroundings.

Doorways have become ring stackers, tile patterns have turned into earrings, beautiful window frames that captured colourful sunsets have become necklaces.


For Midnight In A Perfect World we returned to our roots. Our journey with jewellery began with our father Douglas. His love of gem stones and passion for their alchemy when combined with precious metal runs hot in our veins.

Midnight In A Perfect World celebrates favourite pieces, spanning the ten years since we started. We have looked through our archive and reinvented some of our favourite designs - Khephera has new wings, Nymphaea is sparkling with diamonds and there are new additions to our star and geometric collections.


Inspired by a childhood in New Zealand, Huia is based on adventures within the beautiful landscape. The joy of waking to bird song, and excitement from seeing shooting stars late at night.

Zoe and Morgan have featured many birds in their collections, but this season the focus is on feathers. Feathers symbolise freedom, playfulness, speed and light, all qualities found at the heart of the brand.


You are invited into a world of magic and daydream. Your journey will take you through an enchanted place, where imagination takes over and your spirit is set free.

Deep in the English countryside, the ancient woodland is teeming with wild creatures to guide and protect you. In their new collection, Morgan, Ruth and Zoe were inspired by the part of their childhood in the Cotswolds. Morgan combines his memories of the time with a playful imagination. It’s also about childhood as a time where the boundaries between fact and fairytale are slim at best.

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