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For Midnight In A Perfect World we returnes to our roots. 
Our journey with jewellery began with our father Douglas.
 His love of gem stones and passion for their alchemy when combined with precious metal runs hot in our veins. Midnight In A Perfect World celebrates favourite pieces, spanning the ten years since we. We have looked through our archive and reinvented some of our favourite designs - Khephera has new wings, Nymphaea is sparkling with diamonds and there are new additions to our 
star and geometric collections.

Inspired by a childhood in New Zealand, Huia is based on adventures within the beautiful landscape. The joy of waking to bird song, and excitement from seeing shooting stars late at night. 
Zoe and Morgan have featured many birds in their collections, but this season the focus is on feathers. Feathers symbolise freedom, playfulness, speed and light, all qualities found at the heart of the brand.

You are invited into a world of magic and daydream. Your journey will take you through an enchanted place, where imagination takes over and your spirit is set free. Deep in the English countryside, the ancient woodland is teeming with wild creatures to guide and protect you. In their new collection, Morgan, Ruth and
 Zoe were inspired by the part of their childhood in the Cotswolds. Morgan combines his memories of the time with a playful imagination. It’s also about childhood as a time where the boundaries between fact and fairytale are slim at best.

Our first journey to the Himalayan mountains was in early childhood. We ventured up remote valleys in Kashmir, and the lotus filled lakes surrounding our houseboat formed the boundaries of our play. Drawn back as adults, we have explored India, Nepal and Bhutan. It is from our love for the majesty of this land that the Eye of the Tiger was born. We collaborated with tattoo artist and illustrator Minka Sicklinger, who merged Bhutanese iconography with symbols and patterns of her own.

Throughout history, we have looked to the stars for guidance and illumination. Throughout history, they have directed our ships to distant shores. Even today we seek to divine both the past and the future in their constellations. Map of an Invisible World is inspired by the star gazing of our childhood. The beauty and power of the stars are captured in striking, original designs laden with diamonds and precious stones.

Free & Foxy is bold and passionate, a fiery combination of beauty and adventure. The shapes and patterns of ancient Asian jewellery combined with Victorian silhouettes inspire a distinctly modern fusion. Let your imagination run riot.

“Open your mind and your heart and let the sun shine in.” This saying was borne of the belief that harmony and understanding was the new direction for humanity. Our father Douglas, who was part of the movement in the 1960’s, made a piece of jewellery at the time, using these words, which still inspire us today. Lotus flowers and mandalas appear throughout as powerful symbols from world religions. Sacred geometry and graceful lines are united to create beauty, harmony and connection.

The revolution will not be televised. But it will be beautiful. Zoe & Morgan’s revolutionary recruits known as The Peace Force are arming themselves with statement pieces that shine with pure soul. The best weapons to fight for our beautiful future are peace and love. Rock up and prepare yourself with this powerful collection.

Step onto a winding road and get swept into a journey of magic and adventure. Travelers and Magicians brings together exotic patterns and detailed carving, bold symmetry and antique styling. Inspired by traditions of tribal jewellery, precious silver and the textural work of arts and crafts. Adorn yourself with beautiful silhouettes and powerful talismans. The world is your home, freedom your mind.

Inspired by the wildchild spirit of tattoos, a pledge to love, a piece of art and the expression of who you truly are. Tattoo Parlour Etiquette summons the creativity of the past and dances with today to create a look that is timeless, unique and refuses to play by the rules. Step inside, take a risk and chance upon your heart’s desire…

The Zoe & Morgan ethos is all about creative freedom. True to their artistic roots, they’ve mixed it up and found a new beat. The Unusual Suspects is full of contradictions and perfect combinations. Deco-modernist pieces blend with new geometry and free spirited 70s symbols. Beautiful and dangerous statement pieces for women with attitude.

YES! to love, YES! to freedom and YES! to life – because when all is said and done, your happiness is in your hands. A fresh collection full of the words that inspire us, shaken up with fashion forward geometric designs. Inspired by happiness and designed with love, this collection is about saying yes to life.

Yes! Collection Image Yes! Collection Image Yes! Product Yes! Product

Stuff We Love captures Zoe and Morgan’s flair for creating modern pieces with lasting appeal. Popular classics complement a treasury of fresh geometric pieces that are full of clean lines and powerfully feminine silhouettes. Graceful, with a rock and roll edge: the signature style of Zoe & Morgan.

Stuff We Love Collection Image Stuff We Love Collection Image Stuff We Love Product Stuff We Love Product

Zoe and Morgan present a bold new collection: Who Loves Wins. Inspired by the Victorian era, with a glorious blend of romanticism and gothic revival, and brought bang up to date. This is a collection bursting with confidence and wildchild dreams. Decadent and classic, fearless and free spirited. Wear cocktail rings to breakfast and enjoy event pieces every day. After all, Who Loves Wins.

Who Loves Wins Collection Image Who Loves Wins Collection Image Who Loves Wins Product Who Loves Wins Product

It’s a glimpse of hope, a shimmer of gold, and a story to tell… Safe From Harm is a distinctive and modern take on treasured and ancient protection symbols from around the globe. Snakes, Anchors, Horseshoes, and the All Seeing Eye. Symbols for luck, for guidance and above all else, to keep you Safe From Harm. Look closer and you’ll see tiny glistening stones, a snake as delicate as lace and a scarab with golden wings...

Safe From Harm Collection Image Safe From Harm Collection Image Safe From Harm Product Safe From Harm Product

The elegance of art deco jewellery is reborn in this decadent collection. Fluid forms are given a distinctly modern edge to create unique, wearable pieces with impact. Dragonfly wings hover and shine, feathers are graced with a full gradation of sapphires. Form meets wonder and turns art into everyday elegance.

Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky Product Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky Product

Foxes, serpents and winking diamonds create a delightful blend of folklore and fantasy. Hey Foxy is daring, beautiful and full of spirit. Small details, exquisite workmanship and the unexpected find. Hey Foxy I’m here, come and find me.

Hey Foxy Collection Image Hey Foxy Collection Image Hey Foxy Product Hey Foxy Product

Zoe & Morgan invite you to celebrate life as it is, honouring the beauties of imperfection. Eagles and wings of freedom soar through the collection, inviting adventure. In other pieces, skulls remind us that life is fleeting; enjoy the ride. Here you’ll find symbols of your journey to inspire you wherever your travels take you.

What’s Up Rockers Product What’s Up Rockers Product

The dark-edged beauty of previous collections transforms into luxury. Opals are carved into exquisite little skulls and set in elaborate 18k gold frames. New pieces set with mother of pearl add to the brilliance and charm of the collection. You Gem! shows Zoë and Morgan developing their previous techniques, and the result is captivating.

You Gem! Product You Gem! Product

It’s all about balance. Zoe and Morgan combine delicate, feminine styles with tougher rock and roll imagery to suit the modern woman. The pieces are lovingly made by using both hand carving and the latest technology. This gives precision and detail together with a sense of soul and subtle differences between each piece, making each of them unique.

A/W 06 Product A/W 06 Product

Zoe and Morgan’s debut collection. Stones from far flung lands come together in this beautiful array of original pieces. We Love Jewels was released at Paris Fashion week and bought by Le Bon Marche and other high end stores worldwide.

We Love Jewels Product We Love Jewels Product