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Holos Ring

The Holos Ring is inspired from the ancient philosopher Plato, who believed that the gods originally created humans as 1 unity but later split them in half fearing their power. ‘Holos’ meaning whole in Ancient Greek, celebrates the union of two individuals into a whole as reflected in this ring. The symmetrical four points and central Emerald at its heart reflects complete contentment and balance.

Holos Engagement Ring- 18k White gold ring. Fine Columbian Emerald 0.42ct.

The Holos Engagement Ring fits perfectly inside the Harmonia Wedding Bands.

Each ring is handmade by our master jewellers and can take between four to eight weeks to make. Available in platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Ring price varies according to stone size and quality. Our bespoke service means that you are able to collaborate with us to get the perfect ring for you.