Zoe & Morgan has been my jeweller of choice for a very long time now! Their unique pieces set them apart from the rest of the industry and the craftsmanship & quality are second to none!

So it was only fitting that they were my husbands first choice when picking a ring for me. Zoe & my husband, Angus, collaborated on the perfect bespoke engagement ring.

After our engagement, I was at a Z&M season launch and I could not go past purchasing a pair of sunburst earrings, set with a rare meteorite stone, to wear on my big day.

We then met with Zoe at the CWD store to create the perfect wedding bands. After much deliberation, my husband chose a platinum band with a custom engravement, while I chose white gold bands set with diamonds, to complement my engagement ring. The whole experience was just so incredible and easy, I’m forever grateful to Zoe & her wonderful team.

-Kristyn & Angus