What traits do you most admire in your mother?

R: What I admire in our Mother is that she is very strong in her beliefs and stands by them. She's active in pursuing well being and a healthy lifestyle through food and meditation. I love the fact that she likes to have fun and enjoy life. She's also got great style.


What is the most important thing you have learned from your mother?

R: To eat healthy food, and to respect the power of the mind. She also taught us to be open to people of all cultures and to always be curious about life and the small details of it.


Which lessons that you've learned from your mother will you pass onto your own children?

R: To enjoy life. The importance of creativity and expansive thinking.  Not living by the book, thinking carefully and creating your own rules keeping others in mind.  

Z: I agree with Ruthy, I love that mum has taught us all to question things in life, and decide for ourselves how we want to live. We all buy organic vegetables fresh from farmers markets and believe in the healing qualities of good, natural food. The ceremony of eating dinner together around the table and chatting about the day. I hope my children treasure their own family meals and cook beautiful food.


Which values have you each taken from your mother?

R: I think I've taken her value of food, and I hope to also work on the meditation aspect, which I'm yet to develop! Most of all I can see her influences come through in the way I am wanting to raise my two year old daughter Imogen. I can really see how the choices she made for our lives with school, creativity and lifestyle are really admirable and I would love to be able to offer those same things to Imogen.

Z: Mum loves to have fun, she likes to look up and notice the stars at night, hear the bird song in the morning, drink tea. We even have a song that we whistle, which tells the household you are awake and ready for that first cup of tea. The older I get the more I value these daily rituals and have an appreciation for our surrounding. I know my children will show their children these small details from daily life too, and my heart sings when Ace or Mia stop me to notice a great leaf colour in the season change, or special coloured sky on a morning rise.


Was there a special item in her closet or jewellery box you always loved growing up?

R: Yes, she had three rings that Dad had made her, one for each of us. One of those rings was a beautiful gold ring with a little diamond. I think it was Zoe's ring but I always wanted it.

Z: Absolutely! As Dad made jewellery, he made a ring for each of us with our birth stone immediately after being present at our birth and Mum always wore them. They are made from 18 k yellow gold. I loved it that we each had our own style, and we knew that one day it would be ours to wear. I lost mine in Uncle Richard's garden during a summer party and was devastated!


Do you have any special Mothers Day rituals you share with your family?

R: Mum always requested something a little different, it was about the effort and time put in, not the gift or money spent. One year Zoe, Morgan and I did a creative dance for her. I will always remember that, it was pretty funny.