It is with much appreciation and gratitude that I write this to you, our dear friends, customers and community.

Together we have journeyed through the art of jewellery creation and celebrated so many joyful connections and celebrations. 

For me, jewellery is a personal experience and I have a deep connection to some of the pieces I wear. 

I have a bracelet my father made when I was a teenager. It gives me great comfort and pride to know that he made this himself specifically for me, with much love and intention. It’s very special.

I have rings from my partner Quinton, Siblings  Morgan and  Zoë and ones I have made for myself. I love each ring and they all give me something unique and different in terms of my energy and connection to them. 

This year our mother passed and I now wear a necklace and ring from her. Adding to my collection of meaningful jewellery that I wear with great pride and love.

I am always amazed at how such a small object can be filled with so much love and meaning. 

Some of my jewellery feels like strength and wisdom, some of it feels very delicate and light.

I love to think that you, our friends and customers can also take these joys and feeling with you as you put on your Zoë & Morgan jewellery. 

That each time you wear something special it reminds you of all the ways in which you are special and all the love and beauty you bring to this world. 

It is with deep gratitude that I have had the privilege of making many of your engagement and wedding rings and bespoke jewellery that tell a story of love, courage, wisdom, strength and bravery. 

Thank you for trusting me and us as a family brand with these significant rings and necklaces.

Through our silver and gold plate collection we are able to tell stories of adventure, travel, inspiration and freedom. 

I love that this gives a pathway to creation and expansion. 

Our last collection, Siempre Aroha, a love letter to Mum, will always be a collection of great significance and importance to me personally. 

The brave heart necklace and earrings I wear almost every day, which is unusual for me and I love changing my jewellery depending on my mood and outfit! 

Thank you 2023 for being a great teacher and allowing new pathways to open and heartfelt connections to be made. 

I look forward to 2024 and all it will bring. 

With it, I also hope for more peace and nurturing amongst communities and people in need.