Meet Rickie Dee

You’ve been in business for nearly 20 years, tell us what it was like starting out at a young age and how Superette came to life?

To be honest I think starting out at an early age was really beneficial for us. We were so young - there was just no stopping us. There were never any thoughts of ‘what if this doesn’t work’ - that just wasn’t an option. We were so determined to make it work.

We had that drive to work super hard to make it happen right from the beginning. In terms of the business side of Superette, we were very much learning as we went and from our mistakes along the way.

We started in a ‘warehouse-style’ retail store and as we found the ropes a little more, we branched out and positioned ourselves on more prominent shopping strips. It was a natural progression as the years went on. I do think a lot of it comes from being so young and having that relentless drive.

You’re a busy mama, we imagine it can be hard to juggle work and life! How do you balance this day to day?

It’s probably one of the biggest challenges! It’s also a huge credit to the people around me. I couldn’t do it without my partner and my Superette team around me.

I make sure that I finish work at a certain time of day so that I’m at home for the kids after school and for homework (pre-lockdown obviously.) I also make sure I’m not always pulling out my laptop and working when the kids are at home.

It’s the biggest juggle I would say. Every working mother has that motherly guilt and it’s hard to find that happy medium as to what is right and what is wrong and what is too much and too little. We’re now 20 years deep and I’m still doing my best to figure it out. 

We know Superette for being ahead of current trends and paving the way for their customers... can you tell us about your favourite fashion and lifestyle trends from 2021 and what you’re excited to wear this summer?

There’s lots of exciting colour trends that we’re loving at the moment. We’re loving the bold, bright greens and we’re seeing this colourway across all fashion categories – shoes, bags, accessories, womenswear.

Wide leg pants are also a big trend at the moment and we’re seeing this style from lots of brands that we love -  think beautiful float-y beach style pants with a tank for summer. 

We’re also seeing lots of puff sleeves and beautiful sleeve detailing as well as voluminous dresses. The classic voluminous babydoll dress is a beautiful shape that’s flattering on everyone.

I’m also loving shirt and short combos – those matching twin sets. We’re seeing these in pastel tones, bright colours and bold prints.


It’s been a difficult couple of years for many, how have you kept positive and where do you look to for inspiration?

There’s certainly no rulebook for Covid and this has been the longest period which is never easy. We do have our systems in place to navigate lockdown now which makes things a little easier. It’s a challenge having retail closed as it puts pressure on other areas of the business like increased web orders and managing staff.

Our team has been amazing and we really couldn’t have done it without them. Each department has really stepped up in the ways that they need to – whether that’s working on our level 3 takeaway concept or finding new ways to delight the customer such as evening deliveries. Everyone is working really hard behind the scenes. Let’s hope it doesn’t last too much longer!

You’ve expanded to eight locations with a constant-growing online platform, what do you see next for Superette and yourself within the fashion industry?

It’s always a tricky question. We’re in the middle of lockdown and in a changing retail environment. We don’t like to sit still for too long and are always innovating where we can. We do like to expand in the areas that are doing well. Whether that’s retail or online it’s a little tricky to say at the moment.
We’re also always looking at different category coverage and looking at where we can grow within that Superette lifestyle and community.

Meet Kim Searle

We’re so excited to chat to you and hear how the life of a buyer works!? Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do and how you became the jewellery buyer at Superette?

My Grandfather was a fashion manufacturer and I have many early memories of spending time at his factory on Mackelvie Street in Grey Lynn. My Mother and Father were also in the textiles and rag trade industry, so I was fully immersed from a young age which inevitably led me to study Fashion at AUT.

I started with Superette back in 2015 as a stock coordinator in-store and worked my way up. I’ve worked in multiple different roles while at Superette: stock coordinator, web dispatch, returns, product coordinator, buying assistant and now buyer. It really has been the best six years and counting! I absolutely love my job and this company.

As a buyer I’m responsible for the buying and success of all non-apparel categories within Superette, Home, Beauty, Jewellery, Accessories and Kids. In terms of how the life of a buyer works, every day is different! It’s a mix of reporting, researching, selecting and ordering. I’m often researching trends, the latest looks, making sure I’m meeting deadlines for orders, reporting on those brands and meeting with Rickie to discuss potential new brands.

Travelling for your job must be a big perk, albeit a little difficult at the moment. Can you tell us about the places you’ve been for work and your favorite fashion locations that always inspire you. How has Covid affected this part of your job?

Covid has certainly affected this part of my job, buying trips are a huge source of inspiration in so many ways for us. Showings are now of course online, but there’s nothing quite like seeing and selecting the ranges in person, we’re hoping to get back to this soon.

Sydney and Melbourne are generally my go-to travel locations to visit our amazing brands and suppliers and attend trade shows to find exciting new brands for Superette.

I’m currently turning to other mediums to find inspiration and stay attuned to what’s trending. Magazines, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and online fashion publications are always great tools for research.

What brands are you loving at the moment, and why?

I’m loving our brand new range Superette Leisure Club, especially for WFH life.
Zoe & Morgan is a favourite – Our collab Spark Necklace and Gypsy Hearts are always on rotation.
Bala is another new brand which I love – I’m a huge Pilates fan so I’m excited to bring Bala to Superette and at-home workouts.

In terms of homeware, I adore the brand This Is Incense. Whether it’s burning my favourite candle or beautifully scented incense or oil – it’s all about creating a mood this summer for me.

We’ve loved working alongside you for the last few years, hearing your perspective on different trends and what your Superette customers are wanting. Do you have any favorite jewellery trends from 2021? What are you excited to wear this summer?

These are a couple of my favourite trends for 2021:

Layering and stacking - Anything and everything, from your rings to necklaces.
Charms – In any form, seashells or friendship charms.
Beading – Don’t be afraid to add some colour!
Anklets – For that beachy relaxed look.
And of course, pearls to add into the mix with all the above.

“The design of this collection focuses on a mix of clean cut geometric textures, graphic lines and symbolic looking shapes, that can be large in size yet remain light and easy to wear.”