Growing up in New Zealand our parents taught Morgan, Zoe and myself to have a deep appreciation and respect for the environment and beauty we found in nature. Fast forward to now, the three of us are still very motivated by living a conscious life and aim to create jewellery that is true to our core values.

Working with Gemfields and Space for Giants perfectly aligns with our ethos. This project gave me the opportunity to create a collection that honours the earth’s beauty to raise awareness of the threats to Africa’s Elephants and their natural habitats. The Space for Giants charity in Kenya work to protect the elephants, wildlife and land creating a safe space for these wonderful and treasured animals to roam.

I was inspired by these landscapes and tribal patterns of Kenya. I fell in love with the simple lines, triangles and diamond shapes and they became the heart of the designs for this collection.

With a twinkle in my eye I looked through the beautiful stones at Gemfields, hand selecting each emerald and ruby for its beauty and character. As an inspiring ethical company, Gemfields have a great respect for these precious stones and their origins. Extensive care is taken with the earth, the surrounding landscapes and supporting the communities of the region.

With 50% of the profits from this collection going directly to the charity, it is with pride that we are able to be part of this project. We know it can make a difference for these incredible animals and their land. We hope you can lovingly wear these pieces with the knowledge they have been made consciously with care.

- Ruth