Hi Everyone, 

I wanted to reintroduce myself to our community as it’s grown so much over the last few years, that I haven’t met many of you.

I’m Zoë WIlliams founder of Zoë & Morgan alongside my brother Morgan and sister Ruth. 

We’re a close family, each with our different personalities and skills that perfectly complement one another.

We were raised by creative parents, who encouraged us to live by our own values, and creative lives that suit us personally. 

We started the business when I was 25 years old and knew only what Dad taught us in his own jewellery workshop, Moonbird. It’s here that we learned about business dynamically, as we grew.

It’s always felt very natural to me to see business opportunities and growth. That could be down to seeing creativity as far more than being able to create items of beauty; it’s being able to see what others may not, and being authentic to the essence of what we want to create, which has always been about connection and love. 

Talking of love, you may have noticed our current collection is a love letter to our mum, and I could not be more proud of the strength of love and support my family has shown this year as we farewelled our mum, Anna. 

I’ve been in a very reflective mood this season, looking at the lessons I’ve learned, and letting go of 2023, to welcome in the new energy of 2024. 

I’m focused on being in the moment, savouring the whānau time, and holidays. 

The gap between an old year and a new year reminds me of the gap between an inhalation and an exhalation, the longer you spend in the gap the more magic and filled with possibilities it seems. 

We’ve come away to Motutara farm for a camping holiday and with each dive into the sea, a cleansing and awakening unfolds. 

For me, a holiday ideally includes whānau, extended whānau and friends, quiet time, reading time, swimming time, and good food. 

I need lots of time to process concepts and absorb new learnings, so mediation really works for me. 

Meditation is a practice I’ve wanted to do for years, yet felt resistance to it. 

However, around June of 2023, I would get out of bed early, before the birds start their morning chorus and well before my teens rise, and just sit and meditate looking out over the garden, I would know it was time to move when I could hear my husband rustling around in the kitchen with the scent of coffee brewing. 

This practice, like a glass of muddy water, allowed my mind to settle and find clarity, all questions were answered during this introspective session.

I honed my skills of intuition. I like to think of intuition, as an inner tutor. 

2024 is a special year for our family and for our business…

We started Zoë & Morgan in London in 2005 doing our first exhibition at Paris Fashion Week, shortly after Teia and I conceived our firstborn, Ace would come to all the shows with us, and whilst he still feels like my wee babe, he’s taller than me now and approaching his final years at school. The collections we’re creating this year are a celebration of the business to this point. 

20 years of business, connections, and growth will be celebrated in 2025, but this year we will be sprinkling in limited editions of special pieces that have formed, and informed who we are as a family, and as a business whose core focus is to share in a feeling of connection, and love.