One of a Kind 116


This One of a Kind ring has been sold to one of our lovely customers in New Zealand.

Stone: Diamond 0.66ct

Unique Hexagon Diamond, Fancy Cut

S13 Clarity

14k Yellow Gold with 6 grain set diamonds in the star, 4.7mm in diameter.

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One of a Kind stacking ring set with a unique Hexagon Cut Diamond, weighing 0.66ct in total.

This stone is graded as a Fancy Cut, S13 Clarity.

Within the setting are six grain set diamonds.

Made in 14k Yellow Gold.

Each of our One of a Kind Rings are unique pieces and there is not another like it!

But if you would like something similar, please email us as we like nothing better than working with you to create something truly special.

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Hints & tips

Product care

Zoe and Morgan jewellery is handmade with care and we know you’re going to want to keep it looking great. So here are some tips to help you do just that.

Diamonds are some of the hardest members of the jewellery crew - but don’t be fooled by all you hear. As tough as they are, these guys can still be chipped and shattered. Watch out when you are doing rough activities and don’t let these beauties anywhere near bleach. Check your jewellery settings regularly to ensure your diamonds are still secure.
You can soak diamonds overnight in a very diluted formula of an eco glass cleaner, then give them a little brush with a really soft toothbrush. Shine them up with a lint free cloth and they are ready to sparkle again.



One of a Kind 116 / SOLD

I was daydreaming and came across this from our friends at Zoe and Morgan .

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