Solar Plexus Chakra Ring

Solar Plexus Chakra Ring

Sterling Silver / Yellow Sapphire

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Metal: Consciously hand crafted in high quality 50% recycled 925 sterling silver.
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Stone: 3mm Natural Yellow Sapphire.

Measurements: Length of Chakra: 8mm, Width of Chakra: 8mm.


This limited edition collection is now coming to an end. We only source and cut a small selection of natural gemstones, and are now down to our last pieces available.


Manipura, the Solar Plexus Chakra, is our powerhouse.

It is the foundation of our self-esteem, sense of purpose, personal identity, and individual will.

When it is out of balance it can manifest in some people as aggressive, overly rigid, or controlling behaviour. In others it breeds a victim mentality, neediness, and lack of direction. When Manipura is in balance we are in touch with our inner power and able to overcome our fears.

We are in touch with who we are and have a sense of purpose. Yellow Sapphire holds the ideal vibration for the Manipura, the seat of our will.

It is a great stone for manifesting and, while it is traditionally associated with prosperity and abundance, it is equally good for bringing ideas into form, and anything else we wish to focus our willpower on.

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Solar Plexus Chakra Ring

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