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Throat Chakra Necklace


Vishuddha is the Throat Chakra. Communication is so important on every level – when Vishuddha is blocked you may feel like you are not heard and in some it will make them over-talkative and unable to listen. When the Throat Chakra is open and flowing, your voice and words have more power and we are also able to listen to others and hear their truth without judgement.

Aquamarine – This beautiful stone is the stone of the sea, it helps the throat chakra to open, and communication to flow like water. In ancient times it was believed to be a gift from the mermaids. Aquamarine is good for healing the heart and speaking the truth.

Hand made in 925 Sterling Silver.

Chain: 40cm

Pendant details:
Length: 8mm
Width: 8mm

This necklace is part of a limited edition collection. If we have this particular style in stock we will ship it to you straight away.
If we don't then please allow 4 weeks from placing your order to receive this piece, as we will specially hand make it for you. For any queries please contact [email protected] if you are in the northern hemisphere and [email protected] for southern hemisphere.

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Throat Chakra Necklace - Thumbnail Throat Chakra Necklace - Thumbnail Throat Chakra Necklace - Thumbnail