Venus Wedding Bands

Platinum / Diamond

Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, prosperity and desire.

Shown in Platinum, 54 Round Brilliant Cut diamonds, 0.6ct total carat. Grain set, D-H Colour, VS Clarity.

The Venus Wedding Bands fit perfectly with the Callida Engagement Ring or the Aura Engagement Ring.

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Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, prosperity and desire.

The hexagon formed by the two wedding bands represents union, dependability, harmony and communication to the wearer.

When the rings are together, they create a divine unity and worn around your engagement ring create the perfect set.


Diamonds are measured in terms of weight not size, ‘Carat’ is the weight measurement of a precious stone, with one metric carat equalling to one fifth of a gram. Gem cutters will always analyse a diamond in its rough form and try to make sure they cut stones that retain the most carat weight.

Two diamonds of equal weight can still end up with different value, as the quality is determined by, colour, clarity and cut.


Diamond cutting began when Indian craftsmen found that by grinding diamonds together, they could create new depths of light and shimmering reflections.

Modern technology can turn a raw diamond into any shape with maximum sparkle. A skillfully cut diamond creates brilliance, fire and scintillation - the three optical properties this gem has and its relationship with light...

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When we refer to colour, we are referring to the diamond colour grading scale. D-F are the most desired colours, with D being colourless, and going down the scale to a light yellow.

During their formation underground, diamonds can attain a structural defect or pick up chemical impurities...

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Clarity is an indication of a diamonds purity. Inclusions are the internal characteristics of a diamond. They are what makes each stone unique and special to the wearer. They tend to be clear, white or black and can be in the form of pinpoints or clouds.

It should be noted that most flaws are not visible to the untrained eye.

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Product care

Zoe and Morgan jewellery is handmade with care and we know you’re going to want to keep it looking great. So here are some tips to help you do just that.

Diamonds are some of the hardest members of the jewellery crew - but don’t be fooled by all you hear. As tough as they are, these guys can still be chipped and shattered. Watch out when you are doing rough activities and don’t let these beauties anywhere near bleach. Check your jewellery settings regularly to ensure your diamonds are still secure.
You can soak diamonds overnight in a very diluted formula of an eco glass cleaner, then give them a little brush with a really soft toothbrush. Shine them up with a lint free cloth and they are ready to sparkle again.

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Venus Wedding Bands

I was daydreaming and came across this from our friends at Zoe and Morgan .

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