Our collections

Inspired by our experiences; places visited on our travels, our love for nature and our environment. Our collections balance a mix of unique shapes, graphic lines and intricate textures.

Niña Florestra

We’re proud to introduce our latest collection, Niña Florestra – daughter of the forest.

This collection began with pencil and paper deep in the Peruvian Amazon, from a tiny Tambo (an open jungle hut) surrounded by butterflies and hummingbirds. The canopy was far above and there were huge trees surrounding. This collection was inspired by the soul-stirring beauty of Peru and the timeless traditions of its indigenous communities.

A Love Letter to Mum

Siempre Aroha

Siempre Aroha is a heartfelt collection dedicated to our Mum, Anna Valerie Sibbald. It serves as a tribute to her life, her commitment to following her own path, and her constant practice of tenderness in every possible way.

Our aspiration with this collection is that the love and appreciation for beauty that our Mum held dear will continue to thrive. Whether you are wearing a piece of jewellery yourself orare gifting it to another, you'll be carrying forward the love and warmth that went into the creation of each design


Step into the enchanting collection 'Petal' by Zoë & Morgan, inspired by the intricate patterns and shapes found in flowers and petals. Flowers have been used throughout history to convey messages and emotions, each with its own meaning and story.

Unity and harmony

Harmony of Spheres

This exciting new collection draws inspiration from the sphere as the most essential form of nature; from a molecule, a cell, a single drop of water through to the planets and moons and everything in between - spheres are perhaps the ultimate expression of unity and harmony.



Ahimsa takes influence from a notion that comes from Hinduism to respect all living things and to move through life with peace and in harmony.
We revisit the chakras in this collection, these wheels of light represent the energy portholes of the body and when open and aligned support a foundation for ahimsa.



Our latest collection Chapter Two is the second part of our love story with the ocean – the sequel to our previous collection, Mutiara. 

Within the Mutiara collection we explored hand-carved textures emulating the coral and wildlife found on remote islands in Indonesia, creating unique and irregular details.

Continuing this love letter to the sea and it’s treasures, Chapter Two found inspiration in the clean, linear form of seashells.


A tribute to nature


Taking inspiration from the ocean and the underwater world, our latest collection was dreamt up while diving in tropical seas. Mutiara, meaning pearl in Indonesian, is a tribute to nature and it’s organic form.

Sea-life inspired shapes with interesting and irregular textures make for structural and bold styles.



Our new fine collection, Ear Party is designed ready to breathe fresh air into your existing jewellery collection.

Crafted with the idea of pairing with your other styles to create a layered, fun and textural look. Mix and match different shapes and styles to reflect your own, unique style, made with recycled gold, aboveground diamonds and natural stones.


Electric Feels

We collaborated with Superette to launch the Electric Feels collection, a three-piece drop with styles to embrace the energetics of change.

This collection sparks connection. Our signature lightning bolt Zap shape lights up this collection and symbolises power and strength; harness this pure energy and trust your inner self.


From a place of love

Sweet Heart

We collaborated with Walker & Hall for a second time to launch the Sweet Heart collection, a three-piece drop with styles to signify our response to 2020.

During lockdown in New Zealand earlier this year, we noticed an increase in purchases that were gifts to loved ones. The caring, sweet love notes that accompanied these gifts inspired us to operate from a place of love, rather than fear!


Call of the Wild

For this collection we returned to our roots, carving almost every piece by hand using techniques that date back thousands of years to ancient Egypt.

We felt that the wild spirit of nature was better channeled through the careful and skilled hand work that we have specialised in.


for Giants

The Space for Giants charity works to protect the elephants, wildlife and land creating a safe space for these wonderful and treasured animals to roam.

This project gave us the opportunity to create a collection that honours the earth’s beauty to raise awareness of the threats to Africa’s Elephants and their natural habitats.


The feeling of freedom


For our 30th collection we visited Morocco, a place we love which boasts the feeling of freedom... This collection is named after Sirocco, which comes from the warm, dry wind that travels up from Africa and through the Sahara desert.

The design of this collection focuses on a mix of clean cut geometric textures, graphic lines and symbolic looking shapes, that can be large in size yet remain light and easy to wear.


Floating World

This collection explores the idea of a surreal world with such freedom that regular rules don’t apply.

When creating our 29th collection, we became inspired by the Japanese Edo period, which evoked a culture of hedonistic night-life and art.

We imagined this to be a universe of wit, stylishness, extravagance, and naughtiness; with a touch of transgression.


Wheels of Light

Wheels of Light collection is named after the ancient Sanskrit word ‘Chakra’, which describes the wheels of energy that move within us, it is essentially our life force that ignites us all.

From Crown to Base, we have made necklaces and rings to align with these 7 energies. We also drew upon our own love of symbols and traditional jewellery making techniques to create new hand-carved snake pieces. As symbols of protection, these detailed pieces capture serpentine movement to curve beautifully around the wearer.

Inspired by our time spent in Flores

than the sun

This Collection is inspired from our time spent in Flores travelling through the islands by boat, witnessing the sun as it rises and sets.

We reimagined the concentric arcs of sunlight into cut-out detailing with soft round lines and polished finishes. These shapes translate into five styles that allows for earrings, necklaces and rings to be paired in matching sets.

are the sky

You are the Sky Collection is an homage to Mountain ranges in Nepal, home to many of the world’s highest peaks.

Mountains have always been a place where people have gone to meditate and connect with the divine.

Nepal has such a rich culture and abundant in natural beauty, towering majestic peaks shimmer in the sunlight and are framed with deepest blue sky.

of the sun

Palace of the Sun Collection is dedicated it to the beauty of the sun. Our lives are defined by the sun, it brings life to our world and gives us our concept of time.

All life takes its spark from the sun, its rays symbolise light and life and all that’s good in this world. Inspired by the motto... turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.