We met in Nicky Holloway’s Velvet Underground club in 1994 and have been together ever since. Over the 21 years we have become best friends, had some incredible experiences and had two truly amazing kids. At the end of a drunken night out last summer, we finally we decided it was about time to get hitched and the idea of a conventional wedding and a plain wedding ring was never going to happen! Over the years we’ve bought many beautiful pieces from Zoe & Morgan, so they were always going to be our first port-of-call. As soon as I saw their ‘Shooting Stars’ ring I knew it was the one for me! A couple of visits to the Primrose Hill shop and Ruth had worked her magic and managed to add some more sparkle to an already amazing design. She did the same with Paul’s band. Last October, we secretly flew out to Vegas with our two kids to do the dirty deed, not telling any family or friends what we had lined up! We were wed by Elvis himself at the Little White Wedding Chapel, with our 11 year old son being the best man and 9 year old daughter being the bridesmaid. It was a crazy and surreal day and one we will never forget. As Elvis would say, “thank you very much”.