After growing up on Waiheke, a small island in New Zealand, model and free-spirit Zippy Seven, set off to explore different shores. She moved to America and settled in Montauk, a beachside town just outside of New York City. Staying true to her roots, Zippy still loves to stay near the water spending her spare time surfing, swimming and sailing on her boat with her boyfriend.

The couple, who both have busy careers, Zippy as a model and Terence a photographer, find solace at the ocean. Zippy explains how she always takes this sense of travel and creativity with her, no matter where she is...

Living near New york, such a vibrant and busy city- where do you find yourself being most inspired?

I love the energy of New York City, the galleries, museums, live music and people watching. But it's the beach walks when I’m home each evening where I reflect and let ideas flow.

How do you like to stay creative in your life?

As a model I work with so many creative people and teams I’ve learned so much from over the years. My boyfriend also works behind the camera, we take a lot of photos together and spend time watching films, reading and coming up with ideas.

We love the idea of balance. How do you feel about balance in your life with work commitments and freedom?

I'm lucky because I love my job and working hard. So I am happy to enjoy my free time doing what I want surfing and sailing.

When you are able to visit your family, how do you like to spend your time with them?

Relaxed beach days, cooking together, talking, playing music.

After growing up on Waiheke, how has Island life stayed with you?

Waiheke has stayed in my spirit, happy without heaps of stuff or a huge space. It’s also spoiled me knowing such a good way of life and I crave being by the sea.

We know you love the sea and being able to set sail on the oceans in your boat. What is your favourite part of exploring new places around the world?

I think exploring by boat is a cool way to see a place differently, arriving into a port, into the heart of a place. The first people you meet, the vibe, the shape of a bay.

If you were able to take 1 piece of jewellery with you on your travels, what would that be?

I love your swallow ring. As every sailor knows the swallow always flies home.