As a family and brand that encourages positivity, love and health - Green has naturally become the visual embodiment of Zoë & Morgan. The colour green is a universally recognised calming colour, and for this, we love that Green Tourmalines possess naturally therapeutic, remedying qualities.

With its natural ability to insulate and hold electrical currents, this fascinating mineral can stimulate cellular function and reproduction of the cells, thus making it an ideal healing piece for wearers undergoing cell growth imbalances and treatments.

It brings the wearer refreshing energy and a sense of courage, strength and stamina.

As of late, we have been acquiring this inspiring mineral in big, bold shapes such as cushion, octagonal and emerald cuts that carry the luscious green hue reminiscent of our backyard here in Aotearoa.

From pale minty green to vibrant emerald-like green to rich olive green, there is something for every nature and gemstone lover.

Tourmalines can be discovered in mines across the world. These days it is predominantly found in Brazil, with other sources located in America, Asia and many parts of Africa.

Through our long-standing relationships with stone experts worldwide, Zoë & Morgan have secured responsibly sourced Green Tourmalines that will surely capture your hearts as much as they have captured ours.

These pieces are designed and crafted in New Zealand into heirloom-worthy treasures, which you can find in our Limited Edition and One Of A Kind collections.

Shop our curated selection and discover the magic that is Green Tourmaline.