The story of
Zoe & Morgan


Zoë, Morgan and Ruth grew up in the beautiful English countryside. The family emigrated to New Zealand by sea. On the way they visited Japan, Panama, Tahiti & Jamaica.

They settled in Devonport on the North Shore. Their father Douglas was a traditional silver & goldsmith. He had a shop called Moonbird.

It was here they gained a true appreciation for the craft & process watching their father create coveted items of beauty & sentiment.

growing up in New Zealand…

In 2005 Morgan flew to India. He returned with a pocket full of precious gemstones.

Showing his finds to Zoë re-awakened a love of the process they witnessed as children.

Within the blink of an eye it had begun.

A few
years later…

Their first pieces were made on the kitchen table in London. Before long they were collaborating... until Zoe & Morgan was formed.

Officially launching in 2005, Zoe & Morgan was instantly hailed as a success.



Zoe & Morgan’s new mens collection debuted filling a sizeable gap in the market for stylish yet masculine design.


The fine collection marked a natural evolution in the brand with a focus on elegantly crafted pieces designed to be both wearable & timeless.

Come in...
We’re open!

Modern Love...

In 2020 we cherished and appreciated our connections with loved ones.

We celebrated the opening of our newly renovated City Works Depot showroom, and launched our Modern Love collection.

Modern Love is an all inclusive collection that celebrates connection and limitless love.

The story isn't over yet...

The story
is not over yet..

In 2018 Zoe & Morgan opened two new beautiful stores in Notting Hill, London and Newmarket, Auckland.