Could you introduce yourself to our community – what you do and how you got to where you are? 

I am Georgie Malyon, owner of Greenpoint Florist. My style of floristry is all about luxury, whimsy, design, and customised work to capture and create something that’s made specially for you, or your loved ones. When I started Greenpoint my goal was to not be a ‘paint by numbers’ florist. I always cast my eye over every arrangement, every bouquet, and make sure that every detail is there. Handwritten cards and velvet ribbon are an absolute must. Sometimes things need to be simple, and I always ensure I listen and understand my customer’s needs. That’s the key to a successful business in floristry, a dedication to consistency of quality and staying true to your style.

I started my career at age 18 and I was fortunate to work for some beautiful florists. During that time however, I still needed a creative outlet as working for other businesses, either wasn’t my style or I wasn’t seeing the flowers I wanted to see. This was my driving force to start creating my own artwork using photography to capture my creative floral ideas and this led to selling my limited-edition art prints. Then in 2018 a space in Grey Lynn Auckland became available, and I took the leap of faith to start my own business – Greenpoint was born. Six years on, and after meeting challenges, working super hard, and retaining my many amazing clients, Greenpoint has now made the move to Ponsonby. 

Your brand-new Ponsonby shop has just opened, can you talk us through the design journey and what makes you feel most alive in terms of your creative process?

My shop is a culmination of all my years in floristry. My vision was to create Greenpoint as a space with an olde world ambiance, to create the ‘romance’ of a flower shop and for people to sense the ‘magic’ when walking in. It’s truly been a labour of love to create this feeling which I do with absolute joy and pride. 


What brings the feeling of freedom into your life, and how does that feel for you?

Owning a small boutique bricks and mortar shop could be the antithesis of freedom. But in saying that the feeling of freedom I get every day is from the beauty of walking through the doors of my shop and creatively living my vision. Creative freedom is everything to me. However, in the past when I have had down time, photography and painting gave me a way to play and not be concerned with the outcome, to know I can create without the idea that it’s for anyone but me. 

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery? What does it mean to you?

It is so hard to choose just one, because often I have bought a special piece to give to myself to either mark the end of the year, or to celebrate an achievement. Although for my 40th my dearest friends got together and bought me the Zoë & Morgan Lakshmi ring. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, and yes, it means monetary wealth and prosperity but for me the most important wealth of all is the abundance of friendship and love. Something I have in droves. So, this ring reminds me to practise sharing the richness of giving and caring, and it reminds me that is why I love being a florist. Through my work with flowers, I get to help people connect in happy and sad times, and in times of gratitude.