Keith is originally from Zimbabwe and moved to New Zealand with his family in the early 2000s, we first met through friends during an o-week in Dunedin where he studied.

He was based overseas in London and Australia but we kept in contact, 4 years ago we caught up when he was back in New Zealand visiting family and we've never looked back since! We lived in Sydney for the first year of our relationship until I managed to drag him back to New Zealand where we are now based.

I'm an engineer/designer and my taste is very particular! This was engrained into Keith, he knew I would have to design my rings and he's best not to surprise me! He cleverly knew my favourite designer (due to the several epic Zoe and Morgan earrings that I own), and he picked a green Tourmaline placement ring for the surprise engagement.

I was adamant my main engagement ring would consist of black and white diamonds. I'm not a classic person and love to be edgy and different, so we designed the ring with a friend, Dane Rumble, in Sydney. I knew Zoe and Morgan would have my back for something to match this unique design! The sleek symmetrical straight line design of the two bands fits my ring perfectly, I knew instantly these were the ones!

I grew up on Takapuna beach, waking up every morning to the view of Rangitoto. This became quite symbolic and extremely special as Zoe’s design of the wedding bands took inspiration from the shape of Rangitoto. This significance was the cherry on top! I managed to persuade Keith that one was for the wedding and one was the “pre push present” and that was that!

I also obviously had to add to my earring collection for the big day, the starburst earrings were perfect for me being bold.

-Bex & Keith

Photos by @sophieisabella_photos