There’s beauty in the excitement of getting ready for a party.

The feeling of anticipation about what lies ahead for the evening, choosing your outfit; often that process can be more fun than the party itself. We’ve channelled this feeling into our new collection, Ear Party .

Leading into the full moon and launching on 25th February, these styles are ready to breathe fresh air into your existing jewellery collection.

Crafted with the idea of pairing with your other styles to create a layered, fun and textural look. Mix and match different shapes and styles to reflect your own, unique style.

This collection expresses our love and aim to create timeless, classic pieces. Ear Party is responsibly crafted with recycled gold, aboveground diamonds and natural stones.

With carefully considered designs made to last a lifetime, this collection has pieces to carry with you on your journey for years to come.

This collection expresses our love and aim to create timeless, classic pieces.


For our Ear Party collection, we’ve decided to use aboveground diamonds.

The biggest difference between aboveground diamonds and earth-formed natural diamonds are the methods by which they are created.

A natural diamond is formed deep beneath the earth’s crust over billions of years, under the perfect conditions of heat and pressure. This intense pressure causes carbon atoms to crystallise and form a diamond.

Aboveground diamonds are grown in highly-controlled conditions that simulate the earth’s natural geological process, they are started from a tiny seed that traces back to an earth-mined natural diamond.

The result is an aboveground diamond that is physically, chemically and optically similar to natural diamonds.