How did you and Tim first meet? We'd love to hear about the start of your love story together.

Although we went to the same highschool (a year apart) we didn’t meet until a night out in our hometown when we were back from our Wellington and Auckland studies—that was 12 years ago now! We had to do long distance for two years while we finished our degrees but it was well worth the wait. 

How have you grown as a couple since you first got together?

Since we’ve been together for over a decade we’ve really grown up together. We were so young when we met and have done so much adventuring since. We decided to move overseas in 2015 and since then have lived in Denver, Vancouver, and now live in New York. When we first met, Tim was not a city boy and I was not an outdoorsy girl—since then, we’ve hiked all over Canada and now live in one of the biggest cities in the world, needless to say, we’ve both rubbed off on each other in the best way and have created a life we love living together. 


Can you share one of your favourite moments together?

There are genuinely so many—a lot of them being focused around music or travel. Most recently it has to have been while we were at our favourite jazz bar in NYC seeing Nora Jones and Robert Glasper play live in a really intimate setting with a surprise appearance by Dave Chapelle. Other moments we are fond of are road trips, especially in our first USA car—a 1984 Ford F250. Or travelling down the coast from Vancouver to LA and around Europe for our honeymoon. Tim actually proposed on a roadtrip combining all of our favourite things—beautiful hotels, hiking and camping (not to mention a cheeky heli ride into the Canadian mountains). 

You have a beautiful remodelled ring - Please tell us about your journey to creating this ring. How did you find this whole process?

Let’s  just say, I have an email from 2013 to the lovely Zoë saying “I also plan to one day own one of your wedding rings”. It wasn’t ever a matter of if but when. Since we lived in Canada and Tim wanted the engagement to be a surprise, we landed on him purchasing a ring that had the right center stone for us to then take a redesign with Z&M. It worked so perfectly and I sat with the design for a really long time to ensure it was exactly what I wanted—to this day I admire it. I knew I wanted something unique but classic, modern and timeless (easier said than done). Taking inspiration from the Vanita Band, we added a couple tapered baguettes and incorporated things like a W in the setting (my husband’s last name initial) and the date + an & engraved. It is perfectly unique and perfectly me. 


Your wedding day was such a beautiful adventure to follow. Can you share any special details from your special day?

Zoë and Morgan was a special part of our day in a few ways—I got the girls surprise Z&M earrings on the day as a thank you and they got me a surprise Z&M ring (with my maiden name engraved) from the same range! Such a coincidence, none of us knew each other had gotten each other this jewellery. I also asked them to be my bridesmaids by giving them the "knot" rings (“tie the knot”, get it?)

With this being our NZ celebration, we always intended on it being intimate with our closest friends and family which also meant we could include special handmade touches like native NZ wood boards made by my dad as wedding favours and watercolour place cards made by my mum. We love details so went out of our way to ensure everything was considered. With my background in design, we incorporated the ampersand as our symbol because it originated as a linking of the letters e and t—it was engraved into our bands, embroidered onto Tim's tux, included on stationary and was burnt into the boards. 

Living in NYC and having access to the flagship boutiques for both Monique Luhullier and Danielle Frankel was a dream come true. Danielle Frankel was everything I could’ve dreamed of and more and I loved working with their team. My entire 2nd look was head (veil) to toe (shoes) Danielle Frankel.