What we particularly like about All Saints Road is that it's home to an array of interesting people running creative businesses. Like us, many of them working from their shops, creating a wonderfully welcoming vibe.

We’d love to share with you our festive treats to indulge in a Notting Hill creative Christmas.


Meet our friends and Notting Hill neighbours Calluna.

Calluna are a local florist providing the most amazing seasonal flowers and arrangements. We took a trip there to gather some inspiration and get us in the Christmas spirit.

Bess and her wonderful team create magical and imaginative arrangements of flowers, filling the rooms around London with their talent. Calluna have provided us with amazing flower arrangements over the years, and even dressing our Notting Hill windows. 

Check out their incredible festive wreaths and beautiful autumnal floral arrangements.

The Pelican

Our neighbour James from 7 saints, opened up our local pub; The Pelican at the end of the road, earlier this year. With a classically English feel it’s perfect to find a cosy corner by the fire to enjoy some mulled wine.

They believe in sustainable production and ensure their produce is locally selected for the freshest possible taste. What makes this place so different is not just the stylish interiors but the fact that they also offer yoga classes and wellness talks in their upstairs room. Bridging the gap between old school pub and modern-day wellness seeker. 

The Pelican should be your go-to Christmas stop off.


For the most delicious food and drinks, we head to Gold. It sounds like they named it, especially for us, and it's been a very popular ever since they opened their doors. 

Poppy and Ruth enjoyed some delicious drinks that would be perfect for your Christmas celebrations. Have a read of the recipes and create your own.

House on Fire 

50ml Mezcal 
25ml Fresh lime juice
Chilli syrup to taste

Place all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice. Give a good shake and strain into a salt rimmed tumbler over ice. For a slightly longer drink, top with sparkling water and enjoy!

Pomegranate & Basil Fizz 
1tsp fresh pomegranate
Small bunch of fresh basil
25ml Fresh lemon juice
15ml pomegranate syrup 
Soda water

Place all your ingredients into a tall glass with plenty of ice, gently stir and top with soda water for a super refreshing festive drink.


The Jacksons

Directly across the road from us is the wonderfully colourful Jacksons. An accessories, homeware, lifestyle store owned by the lovely Louise. 

Louise has done remarkable work in Bangladesh, setting up a huge support network and employment for the woman who work with her making jte bags. 

We love her ethical stance and approach to business. Alongside her amazing jute bags, you'll find the best Christmas decorations, stylish clothes and a whole lot of fun. 

Soho Home

We don’t own anything from Soho Home yet, but we sure can dream…

Ruth has been a member of Soho house for many years now and has always enjoyed their establishments, however the homeware store definitely takes it to new heights.

The round shapes and subtle details are appreciated. The store is perfectly suited to Notting Hill for your modern-day home. 

Daylesford Organic

Daylesford is the ultimate indulgence in all things organic. 

With their stunning farm in the Cotswolds, they optimise English countryside wholesomeness and awesomeness.

We love pretty much anything from here and at this time of year they have delicious treats for Christmas Day.. and all the days before and after.