Never attracted to the mainstream, we seem to align with like minded customers – thank you! We enjoy designing and crafting for those looking to create something a little different.

The process of designing a ring is actually quite simple and fun, but what infuses the design with meaning and power is unique to each person.

Our natural coloured gemstones have been a strong trend, and not just for a pop of colour — there’s healing benefits and personal intentions to consider. The energetics behind the colour of the gemstones are what have attracted some of our bespoke customers to their choices.

There are also different elements to consider, like left hand versus right hand and what each hand represents.

The elements air, fire, earth, water and ether, originate from ancient Indian vedic astrology.

Discover the five elements, and the beautiful natural stones associated with each type. 

To spark inspiration, view some bespoke designs we've crafted using natural gemstones, chosen based on their unique properties. 


Calming Aquamarine - Ceylon Sapphire - Blue Topaz

- Improve communication

- Expresses sexuality 

- Increases personal magnetism


Citrine - Ruby - Topaz

- Activate creativity

- Improve aesthetic awareness

- Shows friendliness


Black Diamond - Garnet - Onyx - Salt & Pepper Diamond

- Increases willpower

- More energy

- Gives comfort


Emerald - Opal - Green & Pink Tourmaline

- Improve confidence

- Boost self-esteem

- Increase authority


Amethyst - Diamond - Moonstone

- Reduce anxiety

- Feel more emotionally stable

- Shows the desire for self development