The vibrant green colour is reminiscent of the more commonly known emerald and this is no coincidence as both stones owe their colour to the element 'chromium’. 

At Zoë & Morgan, our founders and our brand have always had a strong affinity with nature.

How we humans connect with Mother Nature and the energy fields we exert, live in and want to be surrounded by.

This notion coupled with our persistence towards a more sustainable future and the way we run our business has always been at the forefront of our minds with every decision that we make and so it's no surprise that the colour green is something that Zoë, Morgan and Ruth all heavily resonate with and in turn this has translated into the designs the brand crafts every year. 

The colour green in all its glorious shades grounds us in nature, and reminds us of the cycle of life, symbolising fertility and growth, as well as freshness and harmony.

With Morgan travelling the globe to find all our beautiful natural gemstones, we are proud to say that our chrome diopside is sustainably sourced from Siberia, Russia and our team meticulously makes pairs of each stone to try to match the colour and tone as best as possible as since all the gemstones we use are natural, it is, therefore, unavoidable but also unique so that each stone is different to the next. 
Chrome diopside is said to be connected to the heart chakra and this couldn’t be a better representation of our brand’s heart and core, as the stone enhances one’s love and commitment towards their belief. 

Discover online or in-store our latest designs that feature the rich green gemstone that is Chrome Diopside.