"Without being able to articulate what I was looking for, she was incredibly insightful and designed a stunning wedding band that beautifully complimented my ring."

You have a beautiful blended family, tell us how you've managed to celebrate everyone's differences and make that work? 

Yes, we have a busy household! Cam and I have four kids Harry (18), Lila Rouge (16), Gabe (15) and Rocco (14) and they are certainly all unique! We have a mixture of muso's, sportsmen, creatives, and social beings amongst them.

I think the key to celebrating their differences has been encouraging them to try everything that interests them (even it means a household of instruments and DJ decks, sporting equipment and digital gear).

We also expect that the rest of the family are on the side-lines or being the biggest cheerleaders. This includes our extended blended bubble with my ex-husband, his wife and their 4-year-old daughter. My parents (Nani & Poppy) are also a big influence in supporting our children. We celebrate a lot together! Any excuse.

With balancing work and family, do you have any rituals that allow you to take time for yourself?

I can’t say I have mastered this, but I’ve made a concerted effort to change this over the last 6 months. I work out at home with Shadowcamps (something I never thought I would have the stickability to do).

For me, it provides an amazing balance of strength, cardio, and mental well-being. I have finally come to realise that energetic rituals can be just as relaxing as quiet ones.

I also love scent for a quick moment of peace; flowers (stock and freesias) and candles (Tom Ford) are my favourites.

List your top 3 favourite weekend activities that you enjoy doing with your children.

- Chats and coffee on our bed first thing in the morning

- Beach, jet-skiing, lazing in the sun at Pauanui

- Theme nights (dinner and dress up)

As a jewellery lover, what is your favourite piece of jewellery in your collection? and tell us the story behind this piece.

That’s a tricky one! What has always drawn me to Zoe and Morgan is the considered way in which the jewellery is created, and I have so many favourites. If I had to choose only one, it would be the Eternity Snake Bracelet.

It was gifted to me by the kids, and I love the symbolic nature of eternity and endless love. I also have a penchant for snakes, so it is the perfect piece for me. It never comes off.

If I could choose a second it would be the Mutiara Earrings for their uniqueness and craftsmanship.

Quickfire questions

What are you listening to right now?

Giant Rooks (German Indie Band) – favourite song ‘Tom’s Diner’

What is your go-to tv show to watch right now?

 SAS Australia – I make no apologies! I’m fascinated by how people can push themselves under extreme fear and pressure (and its easy family TV)

Can you share with us any of your local hidden gems?

Waterview Coffee Shop – great coffee served from a shipping container only two streets away from home

Greenpoint Florist – unique flowers and arrangements by the talented Georgie Malyon

Pocket Bar & Kitchen – a great place for a drink that invites in our fur baby, Hawk (English Staffy)

Favourite meal to cook as a family?

I am no cook! Our favourite meal is one with us all together (with Harry at University in Wellington this is getting harder). It's less about the food and more about the conversation or the entertainment.

We are well known for our lock-down themed dinners and last-minute BBQs, but fish and chips on the beach at Pauanui rates right up there for us.