At Zoe & Morgan, we've always been interested in jewellery with meaning, talismans, protection symbols, and amulets from around the world.

Our father used to love telling us about the intricate meaning of symbols and how you can use different items, like crystals to enable your own self-healing.

Being a family who considers the world a cottage and freedom a friend, we wanted to deepen our exploration into the chakra symbols as a way to relate to the world and what they mean to us as individuals.

We believe that all jewellery has personal energy that is infused into it as soon as you put it on. It's your own personal reminder to be true to yourself, however, that looks.

Our aim is to create jewellery that someone can connect to and feel some strength and benefit from. The core of this collection focuses on connection and the journey we have been through over the past two years.

We cherish connection and communication in all forms and we are so excited to share AHIMSA | Drop Two with you all.

Zoe, Ruth & Morgan xx 

Respecting all living things and move through life with peace and in harmony.